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Game 51, book 4, results

Here are the results for Book 4, The Call of Cthulhu.

1) The events I am about to relate may seem fantastical, but they are all, alas, entirely too true. Written by dorianegray.
2) When you have finished reading this narrative, you will likely think me a liar; indeed, I pray that you do. Written by jeffr23 and guessed by taldragon and braisedbywolves.
3) The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. Written by H P Lovecraft and guessed by dorianegray and jeffr23.
4) History as it is known to us speaks of the events of the world, but there are greater mysteries, hidden within, that no man may ever speak of. Written by shermarama.
5) The louring sky over Georgetown did nothing to enhance my mood as I prepared to visit my dying and decrepit great-uncle at his house. Written by braisedbywolves and guessed by shermarama.

Scores for this round:
jeffr23 - 3
dorianegray - 1
braisedbywolves - 1

Bringing the scores on the doors to:
shermarama - 7
dorianegray - 6
jeffr23 - 5
braisedbywolves - 2
dangerdean - 2
taldragon - 1

I'll give a deadline of Wednesday for Book 5 and launch Book 6 and last of this round later today.
Tags: game 51
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