Mr Prophet (lslaw) wrote in the_book_game,
Mr Prophet

Game 51, book 3 results

1) Look down! - written by dorianegray
2) The walls of the prison at Toulon, though worn, were of a massive construction no longer seen in modern times. - written by shermarama and guessed by braisedbywolves and jeffr23
3) An accurate description of the beaching-yards of Digne would be universally taken as a sufficient depiction of Hell, were the popular conception of Hell not so fixated on the state of being dry and warm. - written by braisedbywolves
4) In 1815, M. Charles-Francois-Bienvenu Myriel was Bishop of D——. - written by Victor Hugo and guessed by dorianegray and shermarama
5) There exists in the world no odor that is comprable to Paris on a summer day. - written by jeffr23 and guessed by taldragon

Scores for this round:
shermarama - 3
dorianegray - 1
jeffr23 - 1

Scores on the doors:
shermarama - 7
dorianegray - 5
jeffr23 - 2
dangerdean - 2
taldragon - 1
braisedbywolves - 1

Right; book 4.
Tags: game 51
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