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Game 51, book 1 results

1. Though they seemed portentious at the time, political machinations at the Synod would be the least of Septimus Harding's worries. Written by dangerdean; chosen by jeffr23.
2. Evensong had been particularly fine, and Septimus Harding hummed the Bach Magnificat as he exited the cathedral. Written by dorianegray.
3. The Rev. Septimus Harding was, a few years since, a beneficed clergyman residing in the cathedral town of ______; let us call it Barchester. Written by Anthony Trollope; chosen by dangerdean and shermarama.
4. The citizens of Barchester had always shown a great concern for their poor; a concern that they should not be seen by any visitor to the town in their unfortunate state. Written by shermarama; chosen by dorianegray and braisedbywolves.
5. It was a cold day in the town of Barchester when the events of this story first stirred to motion. Written by braisedbywolves.
6. It was, like most evenings in Barchester, the place in which this story is set, an evening as calm and reserved as the residents of that selfsame locality. Written by jeffr23.

Scores on the doors:
shermarama - 3
dangerdean - 2
All others yet to start!
Tags: game 51
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